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100% Pure and Natural.

The Nordman Superior Food Supplement Range is 100% pure and natural providing you with peace of mind. We aim to provide you with personally tried and tested and scientifically supported products. We make use of only the highest quality produce allowing you to incorporate them into your treatment and health maintenance program with minimal risk of side-effects or interactions. All African herbs are organically grown or harvested from nature. Nordman have been producing high quality products since it's establishment in 1999.


Breaking scientific news from clinical trails with the Artemisia plant:

A team of medical doctors in the RDCongo , Jerome Munyani and Michel Idumbo have run randomized double blindclinical trials on a large scale in the Maniema province with the participation of 1000 malaria infected patients. These trials were run in compliance with the WHO protoco, full approval of the health authorities of the country and province and encouragement of WHO-Afro. Read More

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