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Liz Maughan

Additional Testimonial Information

Could nothing stop the agony ?

Anti-inflammatories and painkillers didn't help. Stretching and Manipulation and Physiotherapy failed. Could nothing relieve my constant misery ?

It started in March 1999. My neck suddenly went stiff giving me unbearable pain. My friends sent me to a chiropractor but this didnít help.

I tried to live with the torment in the hope that it would go away. It didnít.

Then the headaches came. In April I blacked out. My husband, Conrad, rushed me to the doctor who prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. He sent me to a neurosurgeon. My MRI scan showed C4 and C5 vertebrae out of alignment. The cartilage had degenerated and trapped a blood vessel causing the endless torture. After manipulation and stretching - four days of agony - I felt even worse.

Cartilage degeneration is age-related.
Cartilage acts as the cushion between vertebrae. Over the years it is subject to wear and tear until it wears out. The vertebrae may go out of alignment, displace or lock in a wrong configuration.

I was in a ward with other arthritis and neck-pain sufferers, one of them a gymnast 15 years my junior. After fusion surgery she had lost mobility. The thought of fusion terrified me - irreversible with no cure guaranteed.

I lost hope of Recovery
So in panic, I checked myself out of the clinic and ran off to Ndumu in Northern Natal. The beautiful wilderness was wasted on me as I wore a neck brace and couldn't look around.

Back home, even getting out of bed was a long, painful mission. I couldnít move my neck. I darenít drive. My mobility was declining. I could no longer inspire and motivate customers. My business was suffering. I was losing all hope.

A friend gave me a tip
Then something terrible turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Burglars broke into my home and I called my insurance broker. When she saw me, she was shocked. "You look terrible."

I burst into tears and told her my story. Amazingly, she had just the answer.

Nordman Shark Cartilage. Suffering from painful osteoarthritis, she started taking Nordman Shark Cartilage and was soon feeling as good as new.

Fact File - Osteoarthritis
The most common form of arthritis affects older people as a consequence of the gradual wearing of cartilage between bones causing severe pain and loss of mobility.

I went to the Nordman website and purchased the capsules, which I took three times a day. I was encouraged to see they were a natural product Ė a food supplement Ė and not a chemical substance. I already stopped taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories as they had no effect.

The Cure at Last
I'll never forget 26 June 1999. I got out of bed and for the first time I was no longer in pain. I couldn't believe it. I stood straight up and moved my neck. Still no pain. Three years on, the pain and the headaches have never returned. Thanks to Nordman, I no longer have to protect my neck and I live a normal life. And yes, business is booming.

Nordman Shark Cartilage
MRI scans of sufferers taking Nordman Shark Cartilage have shown evidence of cartilage regeneration by as much as 1.5 mm in three months.

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