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Rosehip is a poweder made from dried rosehips which are the edible and highly nutritious fruit of the rose plant. They are packed full of vitamins and minerals with an especially high vitamin C content. It is a great all round tonic and an immune booster especially in times of stress or illness. The bioflavonoids in the rose hip help build, strengthen and repair body tissue. Vitamins and minerals ensure healthy hoof growth and glossy coats in horses. Scientific research on race horses has shown it to be an effective treatment for arthritis.

Rosehip is available for horses and humans in powder form of 500g and 1kg. Smaller quantities are available on request for dogs and cats.

Rosehips are particularly high in vitamin C content, one of the richest plant sources available which helps to prevent colds and influenza. Rosehips contain plenty of lycopene, an anti-oxidant, which prevents oxidation of low density lipoproteins (LDL) as well as many cellular membranes. Anti-inflammatory properties which are derived from antioxidant flavonoids have shown to significantly improve joint stiffness and pain in osteoarthritis after 3-4 months allowing patients to reduce their standard pain medication.

Rosehips also contain phytochemicals which protect against cancer and heart disease. In clinical trials rosehips were seen to reduce C-reactive protein levels
associated with lower risk of heart disease. Rosehips also contain vitamins E, K the the B vitamins riboflavin and folate. Rosehips can help to reduce skin wrinkling and strengthen blood vessels reducing the body’s ability to bruise. Supplementing with rosehip for just 6 weeks can significantly reduce blood pressure and LDL (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition) By taking 4 table spoons a day of rosehip powder clinical evidence showed that after 6 weeks of treatment total cholesterol dropped by 4.9% while LDL dropped by 6% and blood pressure by 3.4% which is similar to a range of pharmaceutical drugs.

Further clinical trials have shown that this simple natural remedy could lower the incidence of heart disease by 15% and stroke by 25%. It also has shown to regulate blood glucose. As rosehips are high in iron it is particularly useful for preventing iron deficiencies in menstruating women.

Taking rose hip powder gives your body the nutrients it needs to help you stay young and healthy!

Dosage: 4 table spoons daily as smoothie , in yogurt or cereal in acute cases. For maintenance 2 table spoons are sufficient.

Safety: Rosehips have a high safety profile and no side effects or interactions with other remedies have been documented to date when taken in recommended doses. However patients on multiple medications should always consult a health professional.

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