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Supplement information for people suffering from cancer

Addidional Product Information


Why shark cartilage?
Shark cartilage is an entirely natural substance derived from the shark's cartilaginous skeleton. It has powerful immune boosting properties. This particular characteristic holds particular promise in battling cancer.

How is shark cartilage available?
Shark cartilage is available in capsule and powder form. It should be 100% pure with no additives or fillers. In cancer the powder form is the preferred method of taking the shark cartilage since you will need relatively high doses initially.

What is the recommended dose?
The average dose is 1/2 g per kg bodyweight daily in 3/4 divided doses. This can be taken before or with a meal in fruit juices, yogurt or milk. As shark cartilage is a very concentrated substance it should be slowly titrated up to the desired dose. The end dose should not be less than 20 g daily.

How long should I take shark cartilage?
High doses of shark cartilage should be taken until the tumor has disappeared. Thereafter the dose can be reduced rapidly but an experienced doctor or health care practitioner should be consulted as the minimum dose varies in each cancer. A maintenance dose should be taken lifelong by patients with cancer.

Is shark cartilage safe?
Shark cartilage has unparalleled safety. Despite intentional (as in your case) or accidental dosage up to 100 g daily, no poisoning or overdose with detrimental effect have been observed. To date there are no fatalities related to the intake of shark cartilage worldwide.

What side effects can I expect?
Generally there are no side effects. However if your cancer is active you can expect some nausea, flatulence and indigestion. This is generally a good sign and indicates that shark cartilage is active against the cancer. These side effects will usually last not more than 7 days. However when these side effects occur the dose should be reduced until the side effects abate. If necessary you can stop for a few days and restart at the smallest tolerable dose. Ninety nine % of people will tolerate shark cartilage after a break without any further problems. In case of doubt please contact your doctor or health care practitioner.

What is the typical response to shark cartilage?
5 weeks - improved quality of life
8-9 weeks - lessening of pain
12 weeks - tumor reduction, improved blood tumor markers
20 weeks - significant reduction in tumor with total disappearance of metastases in liver and tumor itself in some cancers.

Can I have radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the same time?

Definitely, Shark cartilage seems to enhance the efficacy of both. If you have radiotherapy please advice your doctor of the fact that you are taking Nordman shark cartilage as much lesser doses may be necessary, otherwise you may experience radiation burns.

How does shark cartilage compare with bovine cartilage?
Although bovine cartilage exhibits similar properties, much higher doses are needed to achieve the same results. Research has shown that the shark cartilage's immune properties are up to 1000 x more effective at the same dose.

On which tumours /cancers can shark cartilage have an effect?

So far world wide shark cartilage has had an effect on:
Brain cancer
Kidney cancer
Lung cancer
Wilm's tumour
Breast cancer
Bladder cancer
Cervical cancer
Prostate cancer
Uterine cancer
Testicular cancer
Ovarian cancer
Adrenal gland cancer
Oral cancer
Thyroid cancer
Oesophageal cancer
Stomach cancer
Kaposi sarcoma
Colon cancer
Colorectal cancer
Skin cancer
Intestinal cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Liver cancer
Gallbladder and Bile Duct cancer

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information must be viewed as the personal experience of the people who have been taking the shark cartilage!

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