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Testimonials of Shark Cartilage Users

Additional Testimonial Information


The following are testimonials of actual people's experiences with NORDMAN Shark Cartilage.

M. de Leite Ferraz - Sunninghill, Sandton

I have suffered the most excrutiating pains from arthritis for the last 15 years. Sleepless nights and very swollen fingers were just a few of the discomforts I lived with.

For years I took painkillers to alleviate the pain, knowing full well the negative side effects these painkillers had on my body.

Then I was introduced to NORDMAN shark cartilage.

At first, I was very sceptical of taking shark cartilage but I decided to give it a try. One of the deciding factors to start taking NORDMAN shark cartilage was the fact that it is a 100% pure and natural product. It would do no harm to my body.

I started taking the Nordman cartilage capsules daily and it took 3 weeks before I felt mobility coming back in to my hands. The swelling went down and the pain started to subside.

Now after having followed the NORDMAN shark cartilage routine for 2 months I am able to do my needlework again.

I haven't felt this good in a very long time and get complimented by friends on how well I'm looking.

I recommend NORDMAN shark cartilage to all my friends and neighbours and will continue taking NORDMAN shark cartilage on a daily basis.

My only regret is that I didn't know about NORDMAN shark cartilage earlier.

Beverly Siket - Lonehill
Nurse and Midwife

Five years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was at fracture point and had lost twenty four percent of bone density. The specialist prescribed I.V. cocktails every three months for approximately one year. In addition I had to take a host of other medication and exercise every day. I had to walk for one hour or work out in the gym for 20 minutes.

I started taking NORDMAN shark cartilage in December 1998. My daily intake was 8 capsules.

On the 15th of June 1999 I had my annual bone density check-up. It showed that my hip had improved and my vertebrae were in perfect condition. My bone density has improved to such an extent that the specialist had the confidence to stop the other medication I was taking and suggested that this major improvement was due to my daily intake of NORDMAN shark cartilage.

Sabine Kohut - Lonehill
Dental Technician

I have been a very active competitive tennis player all my life. However over the last few years I have been unable to play regularly due to osteoarthritis of my lower spine.

Physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory relieved the pain in the lower back temporarily, but whenever I stopped treatment I was unable to play again.

My general practitioner suggested NORDMAN shark cartilage as a supplement. After 6 weeks I was pain free and I slowly started to play tennis again.

One month ago I won not only the club's veteran championship but also the veteran championship at Sun City! My general practitioner advised me to take extra amounts of NORDMAN shark cartilage before and after each game. I won every set! I have never played better!

Mrs. Still - Kyalami

I had a freak accident to my back. A garage door fell onto the lower part of my back which cracked vertebrae and left me bedridden for weeks in severe pain.

After a few months I was able to get up but the pain never left me.

My general practitioner suggested NORDMAN shark cartilage and I have never looked back. My back pain is totally gone. The injury seems only to be a memory now!

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