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Are you looking for a safe alternative to conventional therapies? At Nordman, we believe that herbs and plants play a powerful role on the path to healing and wellness. Tapping into the benefits of traditional African remedies, we’ve formulated a range of organically grown herbal supplements to assist with the treatment of malaria and chronic conditions.

Our Products

All our products are 100% organic.

Nordman Anti-Malaria Artemisia is made from organic Artemisia Afra plants that have been naturally harvested and compressed into
safe ingestible capsules.

Nordman Shark Cartilage is extracted from the cartilaginous skeleton of sharks, and can be taken as a supplement to maintain healthy joints, ligaments, and bones.

Nordman Rose Hip Powder is made from dried rose hips – the edible and highly nutritious fruit of the rose plant – and is a fantastic tonic and immune-booster.

We only use natural

Nordman supplements are 100% organic and have been formulated to support and mimic the body’s own healing capabilities.

Direct from Nature

The laboratory we procure to produce Nordman products is accredited with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which validates that Nordman Natural Therapies complies with ethical manufacturing standards, and that our products are all natural.

  • Organic
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Affordable
  • Safe to Use

Customer Testimonials

“Shark cartilage really works

I started taking Nordman Shark Cartilage capsules daily and it took three weeks before mobility came back to my hands. The swelling went down as did the pain.

M de Leite Ferraz

“No more malaria!”

I work in Central Mozambique where malaria is extremely rife, and since we introduced Nordman Anti-Malaria Artemisia to our camp, we haven’t had one single case of malaria!


“Fantastic quality”

After a freak accident, I cracked several vertebrae and was bed-ridden for weeks. My doctor suggested Nordman Shark Cartilage and I was able to make a full recovery.

Mrs Still

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