Our Products

Nordman produces Artemisia Afra, rose hip powder and shark cartilage, which is available in powder form and capsules. Our products contain no additives, chemicals and colourants, and are harvested and packaged in a laboratory that abides to Good Manufacturing Practice.

Our products can be purchased directly from us or via our network of suppliers.

Artemisia Afra

Artemisia Afra is a highly aromatic shrub that is used to treat common ailments such as coughs, colds and sinusitis. Research confirms that Artemisia Afra is highly effective as a natural prophylaxis and treatment for malaria, and other conditions.

Nordman Anti-Malaria Artemisia
is made from organically grown Artemisia plants that have been compressed into safe capsules,
each with 400mg of dried Artemisia.

Shark Cartilage

Shark cartilage is made from the cartilaginous skeleton of sharks and is highly effective for the treatment of connective tissue disorders, as it contains essential nutrients to promote healthy joints, tendons, ligaments,
and bones.

Nordman Shark Cartilage comes in powder form – in 90g or 300g containers; and in capsules – 120/ 750mg. It’s 100% natural, and contains no additional colourants or fillers.

Rose Hip Powder

Rose hip powder is made from dried rosehips, the edible and highly nutritious fruit of the rose plant. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, rose hip also contains bioflavonoids that help to strengthen and repair body and
skin tissue.

Nordman Rose Hip Powder is available in 500g and 1kg containers. The powder can be used to make rose hip essential oil, or it can be added to hot water as a delicious herbal tea.

Visit our FAQ page for recommended doses and guidelines.

Safe for animals!

As a natural therapy for animals, Nordman Anti-Malaria Artemisia can be used to treat African Horse Sickness, and Biliary (tick bite fever) in cats and dogs. The treatment is available in capsules and powder form (500g and 1kg containers).

Nordman Rose Hip Powder can also be used to promote healthy hoof growth and glossy coasts in horses. Research has shown rose hip powder to be effective in the treatment of arthritis in race horses. It can be purchased in 500g or 1kg containers.

Conditions of Sale

  • All sales are cash sales; credit will only be given in exceptional circumstances and by agreement only.
  • Products need to be paid for before dispatch.
  • Proof of payment can be made either by fax (+27-86-665-1442) or via email:  info@nordman.co.za
  • If an order is urgent, proof of payment has to be received before 12 midday in order to be processed the same day.
  • All orders are sent by speed mail counter-to-counter as overnight parcels or can be collected from our offices in Johannesburg.
  • A delivery charge is levied for any order below a certain amount; please enquire what the minimum order is.
  • Delivery fees are based on the current courier charges in ZAR.
  • The shelf life of all Nordman products is a minimum of 3 years and all products will have an expiry date on them.
  • Any queries or special requests can be communicated directly to us by calling +27 82 412 3019 or emailing info@nordman.co.za
  • Refunds will only be considered for genuine mistakes where the container remains sealed.
  • Products can be bought from our distributors across South Africa.
    Visit our Stockists page.