What is malaria?

Malaria is an illness caused by a variety of parasites transmitted by the anopheles mosquito. The parasite infects the human red blood cells and causes a variety of non-specific malaria symptoms – including high fever, excessive sweating, backache, and joint pain. If neglected, the symptoms will escalate into chronic illness and, in severe cases, may result in death.

There are many natural therapies available but one of the most effective is the traditional remedy Artemisia Afra, which has been used for centuries by African people, and has proven effective as a natural anti-malaria herbal remedy.  

What are the side-effects of Artemisia?

There are no reported scientific side-effects of herbal Artemisia. However, secondary symptoms may occur when Artemisia is taken in conjunction with other conventional therapies.

How is Artemisia administered?

There are many ways to administer Artemisia. As a traditional African remedy, Artemisia Afra is prepared as tea and ingested during the summer months in areas where malaria is prevalent. Artemisia Afra can also be administered as capsules or in powder form.

What is the recommended dosage for Artemisia Afra?

For malaria prevention, the first dose of Nordman Anti-Malaria Artemisa must be taken a day before entering and 3 days after leaving a malaria area. For the duration of the stay in a malaria area, the dose is as follows:

Adults: 2 capsules daily
Children who weigh less than 45kg: 1 capsule daily
Children who weigh less than 15kg: ½ capsule daily

Note: Increased doses may be required for people on chronic medication.

Can Artemisia be taken over a long-term period?

Because Artemisia Afra is 100% natural, it is safe to take over a long period.

What other measures can safeguard against malaria?

For peace of mind, additional prophylaxis such as mosquito nets, protective clothing, and mosquito lotions/sprays are recommended.

What should I do if I have a fever, which may indicate malaria?

A person who has not taken preventative treatment (prophylaxis) can still be treated for malaria by tripling the dose of Artemisia Afra, if malaria has been diagnosed. A parasite count is vital for assessing the severity of an infection and will determine the duration of the treatment.

If you develop a fever or flu-like symptoms after having visited a malaria area, it is imperative to have a malaria test and consult a medical doctor. 

Is it safe to take Artemisia during pregnancy?

Although there is no scientific evidence to support that herbal remedies such as Artemisia Afra are detrimental to the foetus, it to advisable to consult a healthcare professional for advice.

What are the benefits of using natural Artemisia?

Unlike the side-effects associated with conventional malaria therapies, Nordman supplements have not been synthetically altered for packaging or other purposes.

In 20 years, no cases of malaria have been reported from clients who have used the correctly administered dosage. Read our testimonials.

Can I take Artemisia with other antibiotics?

As one of the safest natural remedies for malaria, Artemisia can safely be taken with any schedule or over-the-counter medication. Although there have been no reports of interaction with other drugs, the simultaneous intake of strong antibiotics may reduce the effectiveness of Nordman’s Anti-Malaria Artemisia.

What is Artemisinin?

Artemisinin is a natural component found in the Artemisia plant but it can also be synthetically manufactured and has been marketed as a drug called Coartem (used to treat malaria only). It is derived from the Chinese plant Artemisia Annua, which has been used for over 2000 years to treat fevers and malaria.

Can Artemisia be given to animals?

Artemisia has been effectively used on dogs and horses that have been diagnosed with African horse sickness or biliary. View Nordman’s herbal range for animals.

How is Nordman Shark Cartilage packaged?

Nordman Shark Cartilage is available in capsules and in powder form. The powder is sold in either a 90g or a 300g bottle, and the capsule form can be purchased in bottles of 120 capsules (750mg). It is 100% pure and contains no additives or fillers. The powder is off-white in colour.

What’s the recommended dose for shark cartilage?

Instructions for use can be found on each container of Nordman Shark Cartilage. The general guidelines are as follows:

For maintenance, 2 capsules twice daily before meals. Higher doses may be required to treat acute conditions. Read more about the conditions that shark cartilage can help treat.

Can shark cartilage be given to animals?

Yes! You don’t need to watch helplessly while your best friend suffers the agony of arthritis.

Nordman Shark Cartilage is a natural food supplement that can be used to reduce the symptoms associated with chronic inflammation of bones and joints in animals ­ – especially elderly dogs. The supplement contains chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine and mucopolysaccharides – essential for healthy bones and joints.