About Us

Our company started in 1999 after a geologist working in the Democratic Republic of Congo contracted malaria and consulted Nordman’s medical doctor for advice. After unsuccessful treatment using conventional therapies, we were inspired to research the efficacy of natural remedies to help with the treatment and prevention of malaria. This led us to Artemisia Afra and Nordman Natural Therapies was born.

With the high rates of malaria and demand from patients looking for non-chemical, 100% natural remedies, Nordman developed a range of herbal therapies that abide to Good Manufacturing Practice and are available for purchase from our partners across South Africa.

“Our mission is to provide
a safe and side effect-free alternative to conventional therapies”

Barbara Zeisler, Director

With over 25 years of experience in conventional and alternative medicine, Nordman’s medical doctor has extensive knowledge in the wellness industry.

All our products are made naturally.

We deliver to all cities
in South Africa.