Can Artemisia Prevent Malaria?

A team of medical doctors in the Democratic Republic of Congo – Jerome Munyani and Michel Idumbo – have run clinical trials in Maniema province, enlisting the participation of 1 000 patients infected with malaria. The trials were run in compliance with World Health Organisation (WHO) protocol. The doctors compared Artemisia Annua and Artemisia AfraContinue reading “Can Artemisia Prevent Malaria?”

All About Artemisia

Artemisia is a plant compound that consists of many hidden benefits. Research confirms that the African variety – Artemisia Afra – has similar medicinal benefits attributable to those found in its Chinese relative, Artemisia Annua… According to N.I. Fiage (PhD) in Materia Medica, the active malarial compound isolated from the leaves of Artemisia Annua isContinue reading “All About Artemisia”

Shark Cartilage

Sharks have been around for 400 million years and receive a bad wrap for being distrusted man-eaters. Yet modern science has shown that this perception is largely driven by ignorance, and sharks can become a respected and symbiotic ally to humans… Sharks are extremely healthy fish. They are (virtually) totally resistant to infections, cancers andContinue reading “Shark Cartilage”